Rihanna with her accent from the future, (for the Workaholics fans) is without a doubt a staple of the modern club scene. The smoking hot vocalist, who has worked with producers such as David Guetta and  Calvin Harris just recently received the remix treatment for Right Now ft. David Guetta by none other than Dutchman Dyro.

Dyro‘s remix improves upon the original simply by removing all of the awful parts, namely all of David Guetta‘s work. The obnoxious and copy-cat complextro Metropolis style wobbles are gone, replaced by an enjoyable, upbeat progressive melody. Rihanna‘s vocals fit well, but given her expansive career, fall short of being memorable and pale in comparison to the singer’s hits. Dyro‘s remix is pleasant but not much else can be said about it. I’m sure you’ll hear it around the club scene, but otherwise it’s just not that noteworthy. Listen for yourself below.


Rihanna ft. David Guetta – Right Now (Dyro Remix)