Belgian producer, Basto has been in the game for a very long time but is still absolutely killing it. His latest release Dance With Me released on Spinnin’ Records is a powerful track with a unique hook that proves Basto is here to stay and is guaranteed to get your feet moving and your head bobbing!

Dance With Me features a fairly typical kick-in to a huge progressive melody which is Basto‘s forte. Something about his composition manages to strike an emotional nerve and sets him apart from so many progressive producers. You only have to look to some of his past work, I Rave You and his recent hit, Stormchaser to understand. The melodic composition for Dance With Me, is on point as always and feels ‘at home’ in a genre over saturated by cut and paste big room melody.

At first glance, the bass line comes off as, to be fully honest, incredibly boring. The first several bars sound like plenty of songs you’ve herd before time and time again. But that changes with the addition of a high busy lead that trills about, alla Hard Rock Sofa in their Sending My Love remix. It gives the tune an exotic feel that makes the somewhat uninspired saw bass fit comfortably. Couple all of these things with an awesome uplifting variation for the bridge and you get yet another awesome Basto tune. Even for Spinnin’ skeptics like myself this tune is essential. Check it out below.


Basto – Dance With Me (Original Mix) [Spinnin’ Records]