L.A. Superior Court Judge Terry A. has thrown out all of the remaining claims made in a civil lawsuit against Pasquale RotellaReza Gerami of Go Ventures, and former Coliseum Events Manager Todd DeStefano.

The suit, filed by the L.A. Coliseum Commission, basically accused Rotella and his associates of paying off DeStefano under the table to ensure that their events would run as planned without interference from the Coliseum staff.

While Rotella and associates still face criminal charges over the allegations, at least for now the civil suit is on hold. The Coliseum Commission will have until July 31st to revamp their complaint for the courts.

This appears to be a glimmer of good news for the EDC Mogul and for L.A. based promoters alike. Given the nature of the legal system, where issues like this can take years to reach a verdict on and given the pending criminal charges, this news should be received with cautious optimism. For now, things look better than before, but time will tell if the resolution will be anything like this small victory.



Source: LA Weekly