Chart topping singles and albums are a part of Norman Cook’s DNA. And the second half of this year may include a new album. This is a little speculative so I don’t want to get anyones hopes up, but if you jump over and check the British legends wikipedia page you’ll notice that a new album is listed in the discography section. “It’s As Working”, currently listed as a (2013) release, is yet to have a link or any acknowledgement from Norman himself, but it isn’t too early to dream.

Need a Fatboy Slim refresher? Head over to his personal website, where all albums are available for streaming. Five to be exact (one being the greatest hits album: “Why Try Harder?”), span almost 20 years of creative projects. Dozens of remixes, huge live performances, Norman Cook is world renown for all the right reasons, and his potential release of another studio album would be one of the most exciting this year.

Christopher Walken likes Fatboy Slim too, that’s reason enough to want another album.