Pretty LightsThe Visual Project” for “A Color Map of the Sun” descends even deeper into the creatively innovative mind of Derek Vincent Smith and the brilliant team building the extravagant pretty lights that make his live performance unforgettable. RadioEditAV has been responsible for the visual displays of Bassnectar, Big Gigantic, Krewella, Michael Menert, Paper Diamond, Pretty Lights and quite a few more. Needless to say that list features 3 of the most infamous visual displays currently on tour; with Rolling Stones featuring plenty of Big Gigantic during this last year. They have a very extensive portfolio and list of collaborators; I highly recommend checking out their website here: RadioEditAV. I’ve never been but blown away by any visual performance aided by REAV and their new culture visuals.

RadioEditAV took PL’s idea and mission of returning Digital to Analog with full force and intesity. They
had to say this about working on the project,

” For this album Derek decided to take a much different approach to the creation of his unmistakable sound and actually orchestrated recording sessions with studio musicians to comprise all new sounds, eventually to be pressed into his own vinyl records to sample from. At the inception of the visual side of this project we decided that we too would take the analog approach.

So we grabbed all our old lenses, film cameras and digital alike, and created our own visual effects catalog rather that relying on computer generated ones that have become so common place in the industry. The experimental video days were filled with trips to the local science store for high powered lasers and magnets, anything we could get to glow or burn, and a variety of diffracting crystals. To put it over-the-top we turned to a true master analog visual artist, Brownshoesonly, to create a collection of effects created through a custom modular video synth and host of old-school video and electrical equipment. ”

This is the visual journey for A Color Map of the Sun. Take your time and enjoy this beautiful creation for everything it is.

The Visual Project encompasses Pretty Light’s entire journey over the last two years and features a total of 15 short films! One for each track and bonus track on the album. The visual effects and processes used are unlike anything I’ve personally watched, but continues with the retrogressive style PL fans have fallen in love with since the days of DVS. Derek has since announced a massive ACMOTS Tour with 30+ dates already announced and only more to come. Pretty Lights at Red Rocks Amphitheater next month is something I assure you will not be missed! We will report back with all the secret weapons and goodies he has saved especially for Colorado but in the mean time grab the whole “A Color Map of the Sun” album for free.