Cookie Monster moves the Sesame Street crowd into the club scene in his latest song “Me Want It (But Me Wait),” a parody of Icona Pop’s “I Love It.” Featuring many of the same elements of the original music video, various characters of the popular kid’s show dance in a nightclub and Cookie Monster gets tangled up in a bunch of streamers. They even include the portion when the lyrics appear on screen.

However, the Cookie Monster remake ditches the “screw everything and party” motto of the original song in favor of self-control and patience. Throughout the song, everyone’s favorite cookie addict tries to resist the temptation of his favorite food. With lyrics such as “Me get this feeling when the chocolate chip be on the dish. Me want to grab it, want to eat it, that’s me only wish,” it’s pretty clear that he’s got it bad. But Cookie Monster perseveres until the end of the song, at which point he decides that he has waited long enough and does the classic cookie face-stuffing move.

Overall, its a pretty clever spoof. They got all of the (child-appropriate) details of the music video pretty correct and managed to broadcast a good message for kids while also giving the adults something to laugh about.

You can watch the Sesame Street video below. For comparison, I’ve also included the original music video.

Sesame Street – Me Want It (But Me Wait)

Icona Pop – I Love It (feat. Charli XCX)