I am positive that all of you reading are familiar with Avicii, and I am sure most, have heard his single X You. But did you know how big of a production that song actually was? It actually had a whole website dedicated to the production of that song, aviciixyou!

From January 9 to February 26 people from all over the world collaborated in the world’s largest music collaboration! Together they contributed with melodies, basslines, beats, rhythms, breaks and effects.

Users would upload sounds to the official webpage and the likes a sound received would move that user further and further up the rankings. There was a total of 12,850 sounds uploaded to the site from 4199 artists throughout 140 countries and between all the finalists, four artists were chosen to produce the core elements of the track, and various others for effects. The four were: Kian Sang, Naxsy Dj-compositeur, Martin Kupilas, Ваня Хакси, if you click here you can see the parts these four artists contributed!

And that is how X You was created! Pretty awesome idea right?

Here is the official music video for X You: