Swedish House Mafia collaborators Axwell and Sebastian Ingrosso recently teamed up once again to create Roar for the soundtrack of Disney and Pixar‘s latest film, Monsters University. Joining the recent trend of producers creating scores for Hollywood Film, Roar is somewhat lackluster. Thankfully though, many other producers had the opportunity to rework the track through an Indaba Music remix contest.

Although I usually make it a rule to stay far, far away from remix contests, I couldn’t help myself. I can’t remember the last time a remix contest offered the opportunity to re-invision a Hollywood piece, (although I could be wrong on this). I took a brief look through the entries and found one that I particularly liked by Ryan Otter. I’ve never heard the name Ryan Otter before, but I do like otters… I also happen to like his remix of Roar. Out of what I listened to, I vibed with this one the most, it fattens up the original and gives it a pretty damn good bridge to boot.

After some half-assed research I still don’t have any idea who Otter is, but I’d like to think that a river otter made a better track than Ingrosso Axwell combined. Tell me that wouldn’t be awesome. Check the tune below.