The label may be young, but it does not mean that Steve Angello‘s X label is a stranger to the who’s who of dance music. Set to be released on the 29th of July, Sick Individuals has crafted this two track EP of driving drums and sample laden house music. The first track “Drum Machine” pays homage to one of the most famous and easily recognizable vocal samples in all of house. It comes complete with a barrage of snares and an acidic bassline, making “Drum Machine” an essential selection for peak time performances. “Chase” takes the big room progressive house lead stand-bys and throws them out the window at the drop. Truly breaking out the tech sounds on “Chase“, Sick Individuals has this one drop into a sound that is more reminiscent of an artist like Rene Amesz or even FunkagendaSick Individuals should be applauded for making an EP that is equal parts inventive while still maintaining the floor shattering feel that is so ever present in 2013. Be sure to give this one a download when it comes out at the end of this month.