For whatever reason, some music never sees the light of day. Thanks to the Internet, we have the ability to hear previews of music rather easily. In some cases, a track gets a tease with a two minute preview, and falls off the face of the Earth. Sometimes they do eventually come out, “Llove (Dada Life Remix)” is a prime example, or the more recent “Whats Up Suckaz ” by TJR. These five songs we were expecting to come out, but we are not sure what happened. If you happen to have any information as to why, please do share. Special thanks to Andrew Quigley and Kay Spence for their contributions.

Miami 82” by Syn Cole

A young artist under the wing of Avicii and Ash, he teased this track back in December. With a title of “Miami 82“, it seemed like it would be obvious to drop this right as Ultra and Miami Music Week came around. This big week went by, and “Miami 82” was no where to be found. It has a pleasant sound, half for beachfront parties and half for the festival ground. What is even more bizarre is the official versions of the song were taken down!

Caller ID” by Mat Zo

This track needs to be released, desperately. Trap music is the hot button genre right now, but much of it sounds similar. This one from Mat Zo comes out of left field, both based on the producer’s typical sound and it is the opposite of modern trap. The mainstays in trap music could take a cue from the eastern sounds on this track.

Let’s Go” by Laidback Luke and Hatiras

Using an acapella of M.I.A. in this version, this collaboration between Laidback Luke and Hatiras is high energy to say the least. It was previously featured in one of our Unsung Heroes articles back in January, but we thought it needed another plug. These two take a nod from both disco and dutch house on this track.

The Feeling (Tiesto Remix)” by Ou Est Le Swimming Pool

While we cannot confirm that this is a remix by Tiesto for sure, he’s the one artist that has been playing this remix. Heard at his set at Electric Zoo in 2012 in the video below, we do not know where this one went. It seemed like this would’ve been a perfect track to include on Club Life Volume 3 (assuming it his remix, of course), but nevertheless, it was not.

Hand On The Pump” by Thee Cool Cats

Admittedly, Thee Cool Cats are not a well known name in dance music, but “Hand On The Pump” has gotten play by big name DJ’s. Sander Kleinenberg dropped this track at Ultra Music Festival this year, as part of his certainly eccentric set. What’s funny is the vocal sample is from “Gucci Gucci” by Kreayshawn, that has been pitched down much like Kylie Minogue in “Your Love” by Mark Knight.

Just to reiterate, if you have any information about the fate of these tracks, let us know.