Japanese artist Mango has been synonymous with being one of the leading pioneers throughout the many years of Progressive music. His tracks command a very high level of intricate quality and has also provided a close, intimate vibe that truly resonates with listeners. Mango’s sound is full of bliss and serenity, as his technical, melodic and atmospheric abilities are almost unparalleled. His discography is decorated with a vast amount of releases, including 4 artist albums and 3 EP’s. His most recent album, Citylanes Airplanes, was released in 2013 on his own record label, Mango Alley Recordings and has triggered his triumphant return after a quiet 2011 and 2012. Brushing off the success of his album, he has teamed up with rising Deep Progressive producer KIWAMU for a superb rework that is completely different than the Original. The Tokyo artist, KIWAMU is an enigma of sorts, as there is no discernible information available. However, his mysterious nature is offset by his marvelous productions and his music speaks more about his creative thoughts than words ever could. Mango arms himself with his artistic alias, Tokyo Bay Cruise, and together, they create a beautifully deep cut that showcases the true essence of emotive music and of the fantastic possibilities it can achieve.




Citylanes Airplanes bravely delves into unknown territory with its minimalistic nature and relaxed, yet confident stature in its orchestration. It starts with a low cut, murky bassline that releases a fantastic amount of groove to the piece and is the structural backbone that keeps everything nice and connected. Deep, atmosheric synths and low cross held notes bring the energy to an ebbing low, opting to chug along its predetermined route while continuously expanding its soundscape to encompass the entirety of the listeners’ universe. Beautiful percussion brings variety and emerging, angelic sounds creates an organic sense of direction throughout the phrases. The breakdown brings soft, timid Progressive rhythms and dreamy synths amidst quiet wind chimes and beautiful subtleties that demand the fullest extent of concentration to truly experience. As the bassline and percussion come in, it still maintains a simplicity throughout the phrase, which forces the listener to focus on individual instruments rather than the entire piece; a method that completely enriches and invigorates the music to a higher state of consciousness. As the music releases the groove, its mysterious, submerged nature brings along a sense of musical discovery, a phenomenon that is rarely seen in today’s day and age of EDM.

KIWAMU & Tokyo Bay Cruise‘s remix of Mango‘s album single, Citylanes Airplanes, is out now on Silk Digital on Beatport, so make sure you pick up this early morning beachfront track today.


Keep the music alive. -Q


Beatport: http://www.beatport.com/track/citylanes-airplanes-kiwamu-vs-tokyo-bay-cruise-remix/4536462