The 19 year old french phenom is back. We haven’t heard much new production from the young and supremely talented Madeon, but the silence finally broke yesterday when Madeon dropped the preview for his newest single Technicolor on Vimeo. In the video preview Madeon is shown walking up a flight of stairs and opening a door with what seems to be a clip of the track to come. Although there is no set release date for Technicolor, we are certainly excited for what this track will bring. Check out the video below, because Madeon is about to kick the doors open in the EDM scene.

UPDATE: Madeon unveils a much longer teaser that allows his fans to get a good idea as to what Technicolor sounds like. Also the Frenchman announces the release day for his next release, August 3rd! Watch here:

.MADEON from CHIVTEAM® on Vimeo.