Good news for remixers and bootleggers and not so good news for Kaskade. Stems for Kaskade‘s latest hit Atmosphere have leaked across the internet.

For those of you who don’t know what ‘stems’ are stems are individual audio tracks for prominent elements of a song that allow for greater manipulation and remix-ability. Typically these stems are given out with the permission of an artist and label for sponsored remixes, contests, and bootleggers. They can include isolated elements such as the bassline, individual leads, vocals, and FX.

Kaskade announced the leak through his Twitter and posted a link to a Droplr page which has since 404’ed. Given the extremely mobile nature of data on the internet it would not be surprising if the stems have already spread past the point of containment. While this is not necessarily a negative thing for Kaskade, it will ultimately reduce the amount of control he can have over the quality and quantity of Atmosphere remixes. But to be fair, the digitized medium of electronic music caters to leaks and unauthorized spread of the means to make music, occurrences like this are fairly common. Prepare yourself for a potential flurry of Atmosphere remixes.