Recently Deadmau5 sat down with CTV News for an interview, preceding his headlining gig at VELD Music Festival early this August. While Deadmau5 has always been one to call it like he sees it, this time he takes a shot at the otherwise stagnation of mainstream dance music.

“I don’t think enough EDM artists are taking risks right now and that’s the big problem…Everyone wants to be safe, and do that thing you know is going to work. Someone, please take the wheel and turn it. Not to say I’m going to be that guy and I’m going to crusade on that journey of making turbo dub neo pro step but I would just like to encourage a bit of diversity and the way that I do that is the only way I know how, which is to make some downtempo thing… and just like flex engineering muscle on a piece or two.”

Deadmau5 also began to mention that “we can all make these one-note-wonder Avicii-sounding (songs)” but then paused to recant his prior statement to say the Swede “beat the crap out of (Robin Thicke‘s “Blurred Lines“)” on the UK singles chart.

See the entire interview here.