We here at Your EDM strive to find only the most high quality tracks for the readers to both educate and to enjoy the music that exists around the world. And while we do cover a lot of the big names that headline massive festivals and shows, we do our best to find incoming talent to showcase and to give them a chance to really promote their intuitive abilities. Today, a Trance producer just blew us away with his recent track and is definitely one to look out for. Alan Morris is a smaller time artist who found his passion back in 2001 and has had the chance to work with a variety of great musicians, such as Dennis Shepperd and Sequentia. His sounds have garnered support from labels such as Enhanced Recordings and High Contrast and he has been noticed by big name artists such as Above & Beyond, Dash Berlin, Sean Tyas and Armin van Buuren. His style varies between true Uplifting in the faster BPM’s and the slower, but more energy packed Trance 2.0 tunes, whose melodies bring full powered euphoria into the mix. His newest release called Leap Of Faith brings out the hidden talent of Morris and his expertly orchestrated track brings along a quality that could quickly make his name rise to the top.



Leap Of Faith begins with the youthful energies of Morris, as lively, futuristic basslines coincide perfectly with snappy percussion and fragile accompaniment. This notion only intensifies with the addition of rough synth stabs and subtle pads bringing the entire phrase to a high impact state of mind. The breakdown, however, is the complete opposite of that, as it cultivates soft, submerged chords from absolute nothingness, creating nice spacial depth throughout the orchestration. As the sweeping chords evolve to a fuller sound, a lone, serene plucking synth works with a fantastic combination of flute and vocal timbres. It slows to a whisper as a shy ostinato meets a rapidly evolving melodic line, (with banging percussion in tow). What follows through is a high energy, high impact melodic line that gives such a unique, breathtaking identity towards the soundscape. While Leap Of Faith does not focus as much on the emotional aspect of Trance, it is a true example of what happens when a producer throws caution to the wind and creates unbridled, rule breaking fun. Full of euphoric power, the melody is accompanied by faint vocal timbres, innocent guitar and a playful acid-esque bassline that all help to push (and accentuate) the melody towards that emotional rush that is gathered when listening to Trance.

Alan Morris‘s new tune, Leap Of Faith, is out now on Tool Records on Beatport, so head on over and pick up this fantastic release today.


Keep the music alive. -Q