Last night during their show at The Ocean Club at Marina Bay, Krewella debuted a clip from the unreleased song titled “Party Monster,” and it is certainly that and so much more. Most impressive, “Party Monster” transitions between hardstyle and trap without batting an eye, something I haven’t seen done before, especially this seamlessly. If you’ve ever found yourself contemplating whether or not the Krew knows how to “run the trap,” I think you’ve finally found your answer. It isn’t clear whether or not this track will be on their debut album Get Wet, but I’m really hoping it is since it does a great job of demonstrating Krewella’s versatility within the Bass Music scene, which has been rather stagnant as of late. Make sure you check out the bonus video posted below for a lesson in epic headbanging from none other than Jahan herself.

UPDATE: Listen to the full version of Party Monster here