While Martin Garrix’s “Animals” surely had its moment at EDC Las Vegas, some might say it was a bit overplayed, thus Ak9 has decided to act on the apparent “Big Room” takeover that seems to be sweeping the EDM scene. Entitled Ak9‘s “Definitely Not Bigroom” Remix, AK9 completely demolishes the track and brings it back to life as a fast paced, electro induced hit with heavily sawed out synths and an explosive kick drum. AK9 decided to substitute the overly utilized hardstyle kicks prominent in the original and replaced them with a complex series of discordant notes, turning the track on its head. If music speaks for an artist, I think it’s pretty clear what Ak9 thinks about the whole ‘Big Room’ thing.

No Free Download, yet, but we’ll notify you when it’s released! In the meantime, check out the tune below!


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