After a very long waited hiatus, Mat Zo seems to be storming back to the scene in full force. Zo, of course, has been putting in some serious time in the studio in anticipation of his upcoming debut album to be released later this year and has spent the last two years focusing most of his energies towards that ambitious project. These two years have only expanded his musical abilities to unimaginable heights, as the amount of care and attention put into the previews of the album are miraculous. However, Mat Zo has been letting small snippets of his talent shine through; first with his remix of Empire Of The Sun‘s Alive and now with his upcoming remix to Ellie Goulding‘s new single, Burn. When Mat released his critically acclaimed Bipolar EP, it was a game changer that showcased Zo‘s astounding musical philosophies and cemented his place as an artist that could truly change the entire scene. Now his sound has completely morphed into another brand new chapter in his career, one where he successfully combines aspects of Trance and Progressive House to a wondrous harmony that produces pure magic.


Burn starts with a beautiful breakdown, one that is filled with warm, easy going vibes of comfort as a fantastic melody instantly procures beaming life through the piece. Ellie‘s vocals are wonderfully projected with some additional reverb and whispers, which gives the vocals that much needed atmosphere. As angelic choir-like synths and simple tambourine come into play, the entire piece transforms into a grand spectacle before pairing down to a simple groove with reverbed vocals and upward synths. The entire breakdown doesn’t sound even remotely close to EDM, but it still gives an amazing vibe that produces a special gleam rarely found in tracks nowadays. As Goulding mutters, ‘Burn.’ a cascading melody carries the emotional nature of trance within the construct of a Progressive House setup and his minimal chord changes bring forth incredibly impressive results. As he goes into a groove that is similar to Easy or I Never Knew, the breakdown once again brings everything to a haunting hush. As the buildup repeats with her vocal timbres slowly rising, Zo brings out the heat with a powerfully anthemic drop, one where he only utilizes one note ostinatos and focuses on warped vocals and upbeat repeats to fantastic effect.

Mat Zo‘s remix to Ellie Goulding‘s upcoming single, Burn, will be released on Polydor Records later this year, so make sure you keep it locked here at Your EDM!


Keep the music alive. -Q