A rising star who is branching into international territory, Mitomi Tokoto is no amateur when it comes to creating outrageously fun tracks. Hailing from Japan, he is one of the biggest known names in their EDM scene, as he has remixed tracks from big name heroes such as Axwell, MYNC and even to the commercial end with works with David Guetta. Tokoto is responsible for Japan’s hottest dance site’s, CyberJapan and has traveled around the world playing in a multitude of gigs. He has been absent from some time now from the EDM scene as he has only worked with a majority of Japanese House and Pop stars on collaborations and production duties. But it seems as though he is storming back with a multitude of mashups and bootlegs, including an excellent rendition of Daft Punk‘s Get Lucky and really focusing on the Housier aspects of EDM. His first release of That Ibiza Track was a superb track on Cr2 Records and now has returned to the prestigious label with a new single entitled Hacienda. Tokoto created this track for an unofficial ‘anthem’ of the Japanese Hacienda Festival, which happens to be the biggest EDM festival of the year in Japan. Pulling off some impressive Tribal vibes and also some truly mint production, Hacienda is definitely a track that is great for outdoor festivals.



Rather than take the easy way out and adhere to the tired industry standard, Mitomi instead tries to squeeze as much power as possible in his track while still keeping the core integrity of his House roots in check. It is a lot harder to keep your core integrity together and he is an artist who wants to share his love for the music rather than make it for the money. Hacienda starts with a suspense filled string high note as ominous, murky basslines slosh around a mischievous bass synth. As sprightly drums enter the foray, the energy reaches a breaking point before the drums bring forth a technically juicy drop. Still keeping the bouncy bass synth in check, he gives a beautifully subtle bassline underneath, along with flitting upward repeated synths; (with some great House percussion to boot). The breakdown brings soft melodies along with that suspense filled string before heading into a joyous Progressive House section with some interesting non chord tones thrown into the mix. His second build up is massive as he cranks the energy high to a Tribal induced drop that one can’t help but shuffle their feet towards.

A mix that definitely has the youthful, energy-ridden vibes of Summer, Hacienda is a fantastic representation of peak time beachside tracks and should definitely be on the list of secret weapons to get. Mitomi Tokoto‘s new single, Hacienda, is out now on Cr2 Records on Beatport, so make sure you grab your copy today.


Keep the music alive. -Q


Beatport: http://www.beatport.com/release/hacienda/1134395