What does it take to merge both trance and house into one seamless package, all whilst respecting their individual integrity? In this past year, a number of the big names in trance have latched onto the electro house sounds that are dominating the hearts and minds of dance music fans. On one hand, these records are huge- perfect for energizing festivals. The flip side of the coin is the trance is being put to the wayside to make way for the pounding, one note oriented house sounds at the drop.

There is one group that has managed to find the perfect balance in the past though, Texas’s Tritonal. Their latest effort “Reset” finds them teamed up with 7 Skies, this one being played out for a good while now before being signed to Dim Mak. 7 Skies was a great choice to collaborate with on Tritonal‘s part, a trance artist famous for fat, electro basslines all while under the trance banner. As the track builds, we are greeted with the cheeriest progressive synths Tritonal has ever featured in one of their tracks since 2012’s “Azuca“. The drop switches over to electro, with the “modern talking” lead sounds that are now ever so familiar. 7 Skies‘s touch really comes out at the fatter synth sounds that close every other bar.

If the sweet progressive anthem sounds of trance and the relentless anger of electro house are your calling, look no further than “Reset” by Tritonal and 7 Skies. “Reset” is now available here on Beatport.