Daft Punk did not, after all, appear on the Colbert Report. According to Stephen Colbert, there was a mixup in the rights for him to have Daft Punk perform on his show. He said that Viacom, the owner of Comedy Central and a plethora of other TV networks (including MTV) informed him that his show could not host the french duo due to their planned appearance in the MTV Music Video awards next month. Apparently, MTV has a contract to get an exclusive Daft Punk TV appearance, meaning that they could not perform on The Colbert Report. This is more likely than not some dumb publicity stunt by Viacom to get viewership for VMAs. It is very hard to believe that a conflicting interest such as this would not come to light until the last second.

Robin Thicke performed his hit, Blurred Lines, in Daft Punk’s stead.

UPDATE: You can now watch the full episode of The Colbert Report, in all of its disappointing glory