In a few short days, Fehrplay and Jeremy Olander will take the stage at Castle Chicago. Together. Announced earlier this summer, the Pryda Friends tour sent fans into a frenzy…so much so that the label decided to release a set of presale tickets at a special early bird price for their most devout followers. We had a chance to catch up with Jeremy Olander to talk about Pryda, Prydz and plans for the tour.

Your EDM: Why the decision to go on tour with Fehrplay?

Jeremy Olander: Well, it felt natural since we are both under the same label and we have great synergies.

YEDM: Why did you decide to tour in the US versus other countries?

JO: The scene in the US is definitely the biggest in the world at the moment. It doesn’t mean we won’t do it somewhere else, but it just feels like the right place to start out with.

YEDM: Both you and Fehrplay have played Castle this year, and you decided to return to the venue rather than check out a different club in Chicago. What drew you back to Castle?

JO: Last time I was there it was a great show, and I think I can say the same for Jonas. So it’s always nice to work with something you know will work out great! I can’t wait to come back!

YEDM: What kind of feel will your shows have on this tour? The tour press release said you will do a combination of back-to-back sets and individual sets; have the two of you played back-to-back before?

JO: I think there is a big void in the US scene that we could fill. It’s more towards the darker sides of house music, but I think it’s the next natural step in evolving your taste to go towards the darker and more intelligent realms. I didn’t start out listening to super dark and gritty music, but it evolved over time and I don’t think I’m alone with going that way. We have played back-to-back once before, and I gotta say it was great! We really compensate each other in a interesting way!

YEDM: How would you describe your sound compared to Fehrplay’s sound or Prydz’s sound?

JO: I would say that I’m a bit more towards a pumping sound, whereas Jonas is more of the groovy kinda sound. You can find the inspiration from Eric in both of our sounds though.

YEDM: Can you tell us more about your alias, Dhillon?

JO: It’s just something that came together naturally because I have an urge to make really beat-oriented techno, but I don’t want to disappoint fans who love melodies with these drum-focused productions.

YEDM: What sets Pryda Friends apart from other labels?

JO: It’s a very unique sound that combines a lot of genres and almost makes its own subgenre. It’s great to see a label that focuses on stuff not necessarily made for radio to still get great recognition! I would also say that the label is somewhat exclusive and doesn’t do tons of releases, and that is a good thing to me.

YEDM: What is it like having Eric Prydz as a mentor?

JO: It’s great! He gives us a lot of freedom to do our thing, but if we need help we can always ask him. Plus it’s a great honor to have someone who has inspired you a lot as your mentor.

YEDM: Anything else you want to tell your fans before you arrive in the Windy City later this month?

JO: I look forward to seeing you all soon and hope you will enjoy the journey we will take you on! Bon voyage!

Be sure to get your tickets before they sell out!