Digitized Recordings seems to be on point these days as they have a particularly stellar release schedule this week. One of these releases is the highly anticipated collaboration between big name Trance icons, Touchstone and Ian Standerwick. Touchstone has been a seasoned veteran whose remix of Gareth Weston‘s Checkmate has received massive support from Armin van Buuren and more. His punchy melodies and face smashing Tech cuts proves that he is an absolute genius when it comes to musical production. Ian Standerwick, on the other hand, has been involved with creating music for over a decade, but decided to take a break from the scene for 5 long years. His return in 2012 brought back Standerwick‘s charming musical hooks and driving basslines of his single, Psycho and his remix to Ciro Visione‘s First Coming to the forefront and has received much acclaim from artists such as Armin, Sean Tyas and Paul van Dyk. While the Original is great, the one remix that really shines through is from the Ukrainian project of Photographer. Photographer has been on an absolutely demonizing hot streak lately and it is quickly becoming apparent that 2013 is their year. With their trademark power, they remix the single of She’s Wonderful into a gorgeous emblem of love and hope.



Interestingly enough, this is actually a completely different remix than the one they created 7 months ago. Their older version included a stripped down bassline, heightened emphasis on vocals and a drop that consisted of some intriguing triplet phrases. However, this rendition is more of the Classic sound of Photographer and is just as well done as the first remix. They start with a bright melodic lines with a swirling mixture of accompaniment providing an excellent complexity to the phrase. Their signature power filled basskicks and furious basslines also play a role, but are utilized more for emotional impact rather than for the sake of musical drive. The breakdown brings the computerized vocals to the focal point with simple, but moving choir bringing simple colors to the mix. Whirling harmonic chords bring stadium-esque depth through the vocals as short, blinky melodic lines bring the start of the buildup. As smacking snare hits permeate the soundscape with flitting acidic lines and rising synths in tow, it drops to a simple, but massively effective melody that brings brave, stoic undertones throughout the musicality of the piece. Flowing with rich emotional pads and a melody that came directly from the heart, it shows the sheer versatility of their production skills and showcases the more emotional side of Photographer in shocking vulnerability.

Photographer‘s remix of Touchstone & Ian Standerwick‘s collaboration, She’s Wonderful, is out now on Digitized Recordings on Beatport, so be sure to snag this release today. Also check out the Original, TrancEye, and Corbossy mixes and a bonus Chillout mix by Magdelayna!


Keep the music alive. -Q