In a recent series of exclusive interviews, CNN discussed with some of the most famous and outspoken artists in the scene. Taking place at Tomorrowland, these interviews give great insight into the minds of these artists, whether they be rising stars or already established. Here we take a look at Porter Robinson, the young producer straight from North Carolina. In his interview, Porter talks about a few interesting and rarely discussed topics such as his thoughts on DJing and the construction of his sets. Porter goes over the builds of his own mixes, how he includes the same 3 to 4 songs in both his intro and outro, but always tries to improvise as much as possible in his 140 song performances.

“I always change it up man. I think the very nature of DJing, which is, you’re playing other people’s and your own songs, recorded versions of them. If you’re not improvising, then you’re doing literally nothing. What you’re doing is the least inspired, the most boring shit possible.”