As a part of VEVO‘s “Becoming” series, they recently sat down with Swedish superstar Avicii. An artist that needs no introduction at this point, Avicii has swiftly become one of the most popular artists in dance music today. The video details how he began as someone who used music blogs as a platform to get his name out and spread the word on his tracks. He was contacted by his manager Ash Pournouri via Facebook message, and thanks to his help started landing gigs. His first show was him opening at Louie Bar & Lounge in Miami to a crowd that really did not show him any sort of warm reception at all. In fact, he had no real practice manning the decks at first, Ash had to assist in showing him the ropes. Avicii says there is nothing difficult about DJing, the skill comes in reading the crowd and understanding what records will work in what countries and scenarios. He also thinks the adrenaline rush of watching a crowd move in front of him is “addicting almost”. See the whole interview after the jump.