Simon Patterson has seemingly completed the impossible. He is one of the only artists in recent memory who has systematically overhauled his entire image towards the Trance world and was successful in bringing along most of his fans from before, (amidst a hoard of eager new fans). While many of his colleagues opt to turn to styles that is popular at the time for bigger crowds and more sales, Patterson has done the opposite; switching to the underground and immersing himself in the rich lakes of genres such as Psy, Techno and Breaks. The result is that he has brought the underground to a bigger audience without sacrificing his inner integrity as an artist. He has always had a deep passion for Psy, but throughout the time span of 2008-2012, he was mostly into both Tech Trance and Uplifting and those periods have brought some extraordinary music to the world.

Now, with a slew of releases that masterfully combine elements of Psy, Breaks, Tech Trance, Uplifting and Techno, he has created an entire infrastructure of quality and class to the table while also raising the bar to an incredibly new height. This new Simon, (or Psymon), isn’t afraid to take risks and often switches up genres at the drop of a hat in his sets. Now he has taken another big risk: collaborating with an artist who specializes in a completely different genre.  While that may not seem unusual, it is actually quite a rare phenomenon in this day in age, as many producers opt to stay inside their comfort zones to be successful. However, the 2013 Simon is way different than the 2011 Simon and by producing such a feat really speaks volumes about his masterful production abilities. With the fast rising Psy Breaks producer, Blazer, in tow, the two have created two renditions of their collaboration, Contraband. While both are radically different, there is something in here for everyone with plenty of unusual but fantastic sounds in each mix.



Simon Patterson & Blazer- Contraband (Simon Patterson Mix)



This mix seems rather tame for Simon in comparing his recent releases, but that doesn’t make it any less of a gem. He pulls even more Psy influences than ever before and it probably won’t be long until he completely transitions into a full time Psy producer at this rate. Simon‘s mix starts with murky harmonics amidst a flurry of sounds such as police sirens, radio calls and helicopter propellers. These extra touches really bring the entire theme of the track into play and works beautifully when imagining the cover art of the release. Supplementing this gorgeous soundscape is some beautiful Progressive vocal timbres and flitting acidic lines. Pulling into submerged Psy bass, Simon‘s trademark vocal stabs are introduced amidst the chaos of the Special Forces as the acidic lines start to transform into a twisted and manic beast. Drums, various white noise pads and lifting timbres build up before a low vocal sticks in a tape repeat to signal the beautiful Psy section. The drop is stripped down to the bone, as it features some beautiful acidic work from him amidst a simple but effective Psy line (with some metallic clinking on each note as an added subtlety). His vocal stabs bring an incredible depth throughout the expansive atmosphere as synth ‘viiiips‘ and strategically placed vocals bring a cavalcade of numerous voicings to permeate the phrasing. With many fantastic technical switch ups and innovative choices in timbres, it is once again a brilliant experiment in sound possibilities and another track to add to Simon‘s impressive Psy library.



Simon Patterson & Blazer- Contraband (Blazer Mix)



Splintering off of its Rock and Electro cousins, Psy Breaks, (or Tech Funk), places the many unique ideas of Psy Trance within the constructs of a Breaks structure. In case you haven’t heard of Breaks, it is a genre usually in the 130-138BPM range that brings a snare on two and brings a more ‘rockish’ sort of feel towards a track. Blazer has quickly become the leading figure in Psy Breaks and his unique musical ideas have become nothing short of revolutionary. Carrying in twisted timbres and numerous kinds of radically unusual voicings, his works have become a sound that is unmatched by pretty much anyone else. In Blazer‘s mix, he brings out tough machinery and heavy percussive artillery, as his simple, but punchy percussion pulls a minimal bassline that grant extra space for the variety of voices that are seemingly bouncing around. The breakdown brings a delicious Psy line with supplementing Tech clicks, as voices from the void rhythmically shout at random; all while impressively changing up the timbre with pitch, length and reversed Reverbs. As the clicks rise to a cool, airy high, a burly bassline emerges through that moaning voices as they bring forth the tech infused drop. Featuring a seismic basskick on one and a shockwave inducing snare on two, a bullying bassline strong-arms control of the main melody. However, the main melody is not the main attraction as the various sounds that exist are given the mainstage. Featuring vocal stabs, various warping synths, computerized voices and blaring horns, it is an awesome cut the brings liquid ferocity in a tightly sealed package.



Both Simon Patterson and Blazer‘s mixes are available on their Contraband EP, which is out now on Perfecto Fluoro on Beatport. Make sure you head over there and pick up both tunes for a great variety in sound.


Keep the music alive. -Q