Separately, Waka Flacka and Steve Aoki are two of the most wild out of control performers in their respectful fields of music. With the veil of EDM rapidly fading into the main stream world, it seems as if everyday there is a new collaborative announcement that crosses between genres of all shapes and sizes. Coming to the US this Winter 2013, Steve Aoki and Waka Flacka will be joining forces to tear down a series of venues that have yet to be revealed.

After the countless collaborations between Steve and rappers such as Kid Cudi and Lil Jon, this should come as no surprise! I would even go as far as saying we can very well expect a track to surface featuring the duo in the near future. While some pieces of their performances have somewhat been over done the last few years, hopes are up that together their party minded brains can think of a whole new theme for their live shows. Either way this is going to be one ridiculous party for any US attendee! More information and dates should be announced soon and we will be sure to update you!

via Waka Facebook