This high flying Russian has been on fire as of late, as his unique brand of genre twisting Progressive Trance music has become a necessity in many big name producer’s sets. Timur Shafiev has been supported on Your EDM before through his single of Can’t Stop and his fantastic Connecting Parts EP; and his bold philosophies on thoughts outside the box contains every quality that we look for in an artist. Also known through his Rater, Forgotten and S00perstar aliases, his musical tastes are presented more as a multifaceted jewel rather than a single portrait and the sheer amount of attention to quality in tandem with his risky musical maneuvers makes him a fantastic sleeper artist; one who needs to be searched to discover his amazing talent. Even with all of his alter egos, Timur‘s sound has been continually tweaked and changed through time; (much like the nature of his tracks), and he is finally starting to show the maturity that is needed to reach the high demand of quality that many musicians seek. After the release of his spellbinding single of Glory, he returns to Monster Tunes for his upcoming Progressive Trance single, Take Everything. Utilizing rebellious outlooks, it captures the beauty of Progressive Trance while aggressively attacking the walls that keeps the genre in place.



This particular track is a very special one, simply because there is a phenomenon that occurs within this tune that rarely, if ever, actually occurs in an EDM track. While it is not uncommon to hire a vocalist to sing a vocal track, (as vocal tracks convey certain emotions and stories through its words), it is incredibly rare to have the producer who created the track to also be the singer of the song as well. Only a handful of producers utilize this amazing feat and the only Trance example that comes to mind is the German duo, Kyau & Albert. Blunt basslines and powerfully euphoric main room synths nicely support the lyrics amidst the precise percussion and the beautiful piano ostinato, (which completely breaks through the entire soundscape for delicious timbral differences). The breakdown occurs in a spacey, otherworldly dimension, where the blending of sounds and emotions are brought to a head with snappy snares and flowing vocals. As it warps into nothingness, the emerging bassline (which was absent from the previous section), returns with full bodied rapport as it smoothly transitions into a powerful, yet subdued drop that scatters with a multitude of differential timbral explosions. From powerful piano stabs, edgy basslines and the extra lovely vocal chops for sound variety, it is another brilliant success for the Russian producer and a top quality track that no fan of Trance should miss.

Timur Shafiev‘s single, Take Everythingis available now on Enhanced Recordings on Beatport. Make sure you grab this stellar single today.


Keep the music alive. -Q