In a recent interview with The Sun, Calvin Harris revealed the outcomes of becoming the richest DJ in the world.

Riding on the seemingly never ending success of 18 Months, the Scottish maestro talked about his considerable rise in income and the problems that come with it: “I know I’ve been doing well and I know I can buy the things I want, though I don’t want a lot of expensive things. That’s all I need to know for now.”

Calvin also revealed that his girlfriend Rita Ora isn’t a fan of his music and EDM in general. After turning down the Calvin Harris produced Call My Name (which was snapped up by Cheryl Cole) it became clear that Rita did not want to sell out and stray from her signature sound. However this clash in musical interests actually appears to be for the best: “Rita doesn’t really like dance music. She doesn’t really like my music, but I like hers. We’re not together for musical reasons, which is great.”

Calvin may have collaborated with many of his pop contemporaries but it looks like a Rita Ora smash hit isn’t on the cards. In the meantime the World Record holder will have to find an inexpensive way to use all that money.

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