It has been a long time since we have received a solid album or even an EP from the frontman of dubstep, Skrillex. He left us with his Leaving EP earlier this year as well as the Bangarang EP over a year ago and since then has released various singles, remixes and the Dog Blood project that was never fully fulfilled because of the album leak. Well Skrillex just announced that he will be performing Reading and Leeds Festival this weekend where he will debut some new tunes! Now here is the most exciting part: When Skrillex sat down with BBC Radio 1 this past week to talk about this upcoming festival he announced that, “he has more than one album of music to release and is just waiting on the format in which he will release the tracks.” When asked for a time frame on the release of this new album, he responded with, “Sooner rather than later, I’d say sooner.” We have no solid dates on releases, but we do have Skrillex’s word, indeed, and he’s always been a straight shooter. We will keep you posted on any updates or previews on one of the most hyped albums to come!