Attempting to identify Ellie Goulding’s style or specific genre is likely a task not worth your time. Speculations and arguments are almost unavoidable when discussing the British artist, and somewhere a boy argues with his friends, refusing to admit he knows every word to Burn, the albums lead-off track. Personal inclinations aside, everyone can agree that Ellie Goulding is deeply connected to the electronic side of music, both artistically and emotionally. So the fact that Holcyon Days, Goulding’s new album has leaked, is a moral quarrel for many. To listen, or not to listen.  If you’re a Goulding loyalist then chances are you’ll be very happy even if you decide to wait for the official release on August 27th. And if you’re unsure or neutral about Goulding, give it a listen, the album is still available for pre-order after all.

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01. Burn

02. Goodness Gracious

03. You My Everything

04. Hearts Without Chains

05. Stay Awake (feat. Madeon)

06. Under Control

07. Flashlight (feat. DJ Fresh)

08. How Long Will I Love You

09. Tessellate

10. Midas Touch [Ellie Goulding x BURNS]