Surely you’ve heard of the duo from “across the pond” who have been making huge waves within the Dubstep community in America. So much so that they’ve even released an EP entitled IoA or Invasion of America. Of course I’m referencing to none other than the Heavy Bass duo Let’s Be Friends. After releasing their EP 1 earlier this year as well as their IoA EP, they’re adding fuel the fire with the VIP mix of their explosive Dubstep track Manslaughter. “It’s a VIP mix, so what?” Don’t be so foolish! It’s incredibly difficult to “change-up” a song that’s had huge success and still have it be as hard hitting as the original while still sounding amazingly different. Let’s Be Friends has managed to do exactly that. Huge Props.

Check out the VIP Mix down below as well as the Original Mix below that.

You can download the track here. Be sure to follow them on Twitter and like their Facebook Page!