Music is truly an interesting art form isn’t it? Like paintings in a famous art museum, it is subjected to various opinions and perceptions yet they all cause our minds to do one thing; making our minds stir with imagination and creating worlds all by experiencing this one piece of art. If that holds true for music, then the three members of The M Machine from San Francisco are truly artists. The most incredible thing about The M Machine is that they have this wondrous ability to magically transmit electronic sounds from a computer into an emotion-inducing adventure heard through your ears and experienced by your heart. That is true artistry, the ability to create something and induce emotion.

Their most recent release is clear proof of their dive into a sea of creativity and ingenuity. While being just a remix EP, it isn’t JUST a remixed EP, Metropolis Remixed has proved to be a monumental musical success in that it has blended both established artists with new, fresh and blissful sounds. Among the artists are Bass Master Kill the Noise, Indie Adventurers Digitalism, Acid-Love Warrior Shinichi Osawa, Humaniod-with-a-beating-heart Robotaki, Frozen Phoenix Proxy, The Ever-Passionate Drummers Tantrum Desire, Galaxy Overseer Matt Lange, and last but absolutely not least, The Organically Fruitful Trifonic. These other worldly artists combined their hearts and souls with The M Machine‘s music and created a completely different musical experience akin to none other.


Let’s begin, shall we?

1. Moon Song (Digitalism Remix)

Setting the path for a pure, blissful experience, Digitalism molds Moon Song into a track that can be heard played in celebration of our Moon, truly a Moon Song. With simple and happy chords alongside short and sweet synths, they seem to musically answer the question presented in the song, “Where we do we go from here?”; thus, the introduction to Metropolis Remixed is set.

2. Ghost in the Machine (Kill the Noise Remix)

Along with the Vocal Talent of PennyKill the Noise attempts to seduce the Ghost in the Machine with rhythmic bass synths, sharp kicks and a pulsating sub bass synth that can be surely heard ’round the world. Only an artist could make a machine a tender, loving being.

3. A King Alone (Robotaki Remix)

While the original mix of A King Alone emphasized the darkness of loneliness, Robotaki cures any sense of isolation by befriending the King and showing him the world is beyond just black and white. Seemingly converting a warm rainbow into joyous chords and synths, the King no longer seems alone, but can be imagined dancing with the world as one.

4. Data Palace

With the help of Blake Hazard, The M Machine connect their grand Palace into the legendary “M” only to witness it’s magnificent metamorphosis into the Data Palace.

5. Tiny Anthem (Shinichi Osawa Remix)

“But I can’t stop the rain from coming in…” perhaps Shinichi Osawa‘s remix to Tiny Anthem is a call to not attempt to stop that which you cannot, but to embrace it. Embrace “…the rain…”. With true-to-heart Acid vibes and a mix of House-esk rhythms, if there was ever an Anthem for acceptance and dance, it would be this song.

6. Schadenfreude ( Tantrum Desire Remix)

Accompanied by powerful, yet subtle, kicks and a solid, punchy bass, Tantrum Desire‘s remix of Schadenfreude can truly be heard as well as felt deep within the body, possibly “…inside your head” as well.

7.Shadow in the Rose Garden (Matt Lange Remix)

If a single rose had the ability to grow on the Moon, surely Matt Lange‘s remix would be it’s lullaby and gift to Mother Earth. With enigmatic rhythms and a deep trance feel, it’s as if Matt opened a portal to the Moon and brought back a single rose to share with the world.

8. Faces (Proxy Remix)

While the genre Electronica is seen by some as the forefront for EDM, this much is true: Proxy has proven that the “Electronic(a)” in Electronic Dance Music is still a very much alive. If you’ve never taken a dive into the ocean of that genre, let Proxy take you down into its depths.

9. Black (Trifonic Remix)

It seems that Trifonic has managed to turn the once ravenous Machine bent on destruction and total Black, into a sentient being, lost in this new world full of expressions, emotions and imagination. Dive into this remix and allow the smooth guitar strings to ease your way into self-awareness and realize that you live.


Do your best to support your passion and love of music by purchasing this release here or here. You honestly owe it to yourself to listen to a high quality art.


Thanks for reading everyone, much love.