In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, TNGHT commented on the lack of understanding amongst Trap fans about the culture that surrounds the emerging genre. With trap being weaved into EDM sets across the globe, the growing genre is meshing with EDM crowds who are “emulating a culture they don’t understand” according to Pierre, one of the members of TNGHT. The duo explained a little bit about the history of Trap and how it came to the EDM industry from heavy hip hop influences which, in their eyes, has resulted in the lack of understanding in EDM fans surrounding the culture of the genre:

“Trap crowds in EDM seem to be emulating a culture they don’t understand,” explains Pierre. “That’s not trap music!” exclaims Birchard in reply. “Trap music is about cutting bricks,” says Pierre. “It’s not about twerking, either! That’s a whole different culture. It’s a hood culture that’s not the same. Everyone is so confused and it’s a little annoying at times.”

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