Sometimes, we here at Your EDM are stunned at the absolute Trance talent that resides in Western Europe. Producers from both England and Ireland each have their own signature sound that defines their territory throughout the world and every year, more and more promising acts seemingly arrive out of nowhere. Once again we find ourselves looking at the emerging ‘New Breed’ of Trance producers with an upcoming Tech enthusiast named Paul Denton. Hailing from Dublin, he has been DJing since 2000 and has gotten his hands dirty with production since 2007. During those five years of learning the ropes of the scene, he has had his releases supported from such labels as Discover, Club Educate, Aria Knights and Flux Delux. Additionally, he has begun to craft a name for himself as his productions have been hand picked by big time Uplifting/Tech Trance behemoths such as Armin van Buuren, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Paul Oakenfold and Manuel Le Saux, (among others). After his peppy, Uplifting single of Hold On, Denton has taken a dark turn down a dark alley and has emerged as a fierce, jagged toothed individual whose Tech Trance sensibilities exist through his new single of Stungun. As the name suggests, this track does indeed stun you at moments as switchblade basslines and shredding acid bullets eviscerate anything in its path.



Denton flashes a cheeky little smile as he introduces some old school Trance synths that really add a certain finesse through the weaving basslines and clipped percussion and keeps the flow of production both crisp and sprightly. Throughout the clean architecture, some volatile acid lines drip onto the pristine layout as both the acidic lines and percussion intensify in power and technical speed. Power and brute force flex their muscles as angry acid lines connect with rising and falling synth pads, creating a great display of musical variety and attention to detail. The breakdown brings the entire sound to a low, but suspenseful ebb, accompanied by some unnerving sounds that set a fantastic tone to the phrase. A tense conversation for the fantastic war movie Apocalypse Now states clearly: “Are you an assassin?” ‘I’m a soldier.’ “You’re neither. You’re an errand boy, sent by grocery clerks, to collect a bill.“; (as emerging old school plucks begin their rounds). Pulling a sly Breakbeats section, a wonderful minor melody cascades over the listener through rays of sunshine as an ominous rumble pushes through the soundscape. Furious acid lines intertwine within one another as it builds energy to a commanding drop, one that is filled with raw, grating synth serpents and colossal basslines amidst the clean orchestration and slamming percussion section.

Paul Denton‘s brand new single, Stungun, will be available tomorrow on Defcon Recordings on Beatport, so make sure you pick up this damage inducing release soon. Also make sure to check out a great remix by Amos & D’Cota!


Keep the music alive. -Q