We haven’t even heard of him until this week and he is already on fire with a second review this week! David Broaders has become a fast rising producer within the Progressive and Progressive Trance scenes and all of a sudden, everything that has his name on it acts almost like a seal of approval; as though no matter what, this track is going to sound fantastic. Hailing from Ireland, his sound has encapsulated low-cut basslines and tight knit orchestration amidst his imaginative and sparkling melodies. Fresh off of his astounding collaboration with Progressive Trance hero, Terry Da Libra, he makes his celebrated return to the Arrival family with his brand new single of Curracloe. The Original is a brilliant Downtempo track that focuses on each individual voice and allows the listener time to catch each and every nuance. However, it is the brilliant Vintage & Morelli remix that steals the show. Strangely enough, the Progressive Trance duo actually consist on one person named Marko Cubric. Situated in the heart of Serbia, he has built his musical education from the ground up and now seeks to fully explore the possibilities between organic musical storytelling and the vast possibilities of electric sounds. A mixture of styles all in one, the Vintage & Morelli remix to Curracloe shines beaming lights through the impossible darkness of genre classification.



Vintage & Morelli start off on the same page as Broaders with a decidedly concrete Deep House groove that is infectious to the core. Uping the tempo quite a bit, the beginning consists of hidden basslines, Progressive rhythmic synths, a playful and experimental percussion and a vast amount of small nuances that really give the overall track character and a sense of deeper meaning, not to mention an incredulous attention to aural intricacies. The entire phrase gets swallowed up through some haunting choirs as the breakdown features the low-cut bassline in its fullest potential, with vocal timbres, reverbed voices, and answering shifts in the wind. A gorgeous piano enters a duet with the choir as a melody of pointilistic noises permeate the otherwise still atmosphere. Drums emerge back in the fold as the Progressive synth begins to change the direction of the piece to an entirely new and unexplored destination. With the assistance of the piano, drum section and whirling, flowing pads, it cuts into a breathless atmosphere before setting forth towards a magnificent drop. With highly emotional chords, beautifully gradient timbres and unusually offbeat percussion section, it is fully realized as an identity all its own, further transforming into whatever the sounds decide is right during their heartfelt moments of truth.

The Vintage & Morelli remix to David Broaders‘ single, Curracloe, has already received massive support from Above & Beyond and is out on Arrival on Beatport. Make sure you pick up this pioneering piece of art today. Also make sure to check out the Original and Matt Fax mixes as well!


Keep the music alive. -Q


Beatport: http://www.beatport.com/track/curracloe-vintage-and-morelli-remix/4671429