We here at Your EDM pride ourselves in being able to bring our readers the music they love to hear. Sometimes that’ll include many artists who are already touring worldwide, have millions of fans and are very acclaimed. Well today is a bit different as we’ll be introducing a newcomer to the scene who has amazing potential as well as a free download for anyone who likes his music and wants to give this budding producer a chance.

His name is Malex, hailing from Ohio, the 20-year old EDM producer, who’s already teased upcoming works, has released his newest track, Eden. After speaking with the young producer for a bit, it was clearly evident that the young Ohioan had a passion for music and its production, which is easily apparent in Eden. At first glance, Eden quickly resembles a hit Big Room track that would be dropped by the likes of Martin Garrix or, dare I say, Clockwork. Therein lies the wonders of Malex, in that, as he begins his musical adventure as an electronic music producer, with his first release, he’s already among the stars in the sky. Here’s what he had to say on his track Eden:

I think my mindset initially, when I make songs, is to make something that will last for a long time. I don’t ever have a “pre-designed” perception of what the track should, or shouldn’t sound like, cause I feel being persuaded by others, just takes the musical creativity away from the song. I think initially though, I never know what I am going to make my self. Some days I wake up wanting to make minimal, some days I want to make the biggest track possible, I just open my daw and let my emotions take me wherever.

You can check out “Eden” down below, and Download it Here!

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