A few weeks ago, we showcased the first tantalizing previews of Zomboy‘s latest release, his Reanimated EP, which serves as the first official release to effectively bridge Never Say Die and its sibling imprint, No Tomorrow Recordings. Before diving into the music, I feel it is important to once again highlight the distinction between the two labels and the ingenious design of the entire project from both a managerial and creative perspective. For those unfamiliar with the premise behind the two labels, No Tomorrow Recordings serves as an external platform where artists under the NSD umbrella are encouraged and supported in their exploration of genres outside of the general realm of bass music. Whether that be in the form of glitch-hop, electro, complextro or trap, No Tomorrow Recordings serves as a conduit for artists to expand their repertoire by developing their sound in a more experimental fashion.

With the premise of the labels clearly formulated, let’s jump right in with Part 1 of this joint release. Part 1, which released under Never Say Die, will undoubtedly deliver the grit, aggression and punishing bass that Zomboy fans have grown to love. Part 1 kicks off with “Terror Squad” which wastes no time building ¬†and monumentally dropping into a barrage of snarling bass and explosive synths. “Terror Squad” is raw, powerful, and instantly reminded me why I get excited for each and every track, Joshua Mellody releases. The second record of Part 1, “Braindead”, begins with a seemingly lighter ensemble of percussion, vocal splicing, and melodies before quickly ramping up the energy and morphing into a driven glitch-hop tune showcasing Zomboy‘s uncanny ability to blend blistering bass with melodics.

Now that the tone has been set, shall we move on to Part 2?

Part 2, composed of the tracks “Raptor” and “Bad Intentions”, feeds off of the bass assault that was Part 1 and continues to raise the energy through the roof. Within seconds of hitting play, “Raptor” unfolds into an electro tune that enticingly builds and breaks into Zomboy’s interpretation of the ever so popular big room kick that has taken this year’s festival season by storm. After, “Raptor”, Zomboy wastes no time picking things back up with “Bad Intentions”. “Bad Intentions” initially begins with a driven electro beat which builds and drops into a hectic blur of sound that will have trolls everywhere screaming , “This 5ounds liek SkriLLex”. But all joking aside, this isn’t Skrillex, “It’s f*#cking Zomboy”!

The Reanimated EP Part 1 & 2 are out now on Beatport so make sure to stream the tracks below and purchase your copies here and here. Enjoy.