While this may not be known to many of our readers, we here at Your EDM have a little group who likes to specialize in Dubstep/Bass Heavy Music. Self-proclaimed the “Bass Squad” (a tad bit corny I know), I’m sure you could only imagine how excited we were when Trampa released his Jurassic EP. It was soon evident that we were not prepared for the amount of heavy, distorted, and aggressive bass that awaited us within the EP. ┬áIf you even slightly consider yourself to be a “Dubstep” fan, you owe it to yourself to check this EP out.

Why? I’ll explain.

There are some releases that go down in history that are so well produced and easily embody the name of their specific genre and Trampa’s Jurassic EP is no different. It is, “Dubstep.” Years from now when I’m an old man and showing my grandchildren this release, it wouldn’t be difficult to describe it. So much so, that it can probably be summed up in two words, “Oh… shit”. I’m sure the follow up question would be, “Grandpa Danny, is this what killed the Dinosaurs?”. It might as well be, Jurassic EP, by far, is the hardest hitting release of 2013.

Now, understandably, this type of music isn’t for everyone. Some may say it’s simply noise, or that, “I like Dubstep, but that’s too hard.” Ah poor child, that’s exactly why we need artists like Trampa. Those type of artists aren’t scared of pushing the envelope of what’s “Too hard”. They remind us of why we’re scared of the dark.

Trampa brings you, along with Firepower Records, a 4 track EP entitled Jurassic EP. Catch That, Jump Smoke, Jurassic, and Worst Enemy can be heard below. Hope you’ve invested into some quality headphones, as well as life insurance.

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