She sings, writes, performs and even runs her own label, Hustle Girl. I mean, is there anything Ayah Marar can’t do? We just had the incredible pleasure of interviewing the UK star about her thriving career, especially with her latest appearance being on the massive single with Calvin Harris, “Thinking About You”. Now, we finally have her full album, The Real, just released a few days ago on the superb, New Jersey based label, Radikal Records. Her innovation and craftsmanship is evident as Marar touches on a plethora of genre’s to give dance/pop music a breathe of fresh air.

Unstoppable” holds the second slot with a thunderous drum n bass feel as Ayah kills it with her edgy vocals.  “Lethal Dose” gives a darker side to the album as she mourns a man being her lethal dose, holding her down. Its brooding wobbles and ominous synths vividly illustrate a eerie scene that holds you captive for the entire four minutes. Other tracks like “Alive” and “Go Hard” bring even more variety with harder, even tribal beats. Marar ends it on a note like none other with a booming finale, “The Raver” that drowns you in its upbeat euphoria.

Overall, The Real is an exceptional album that offers a wide variety of genres that can appeal to anyone. Her songwriting is simply phenomenal, giving each track a unique spark. Be sure to listen below and show your support by purchasing the album on iTunes!