After reading our recent article about Kill Paris’s removal from the stage this last week, the M Nightclub in Hawaii took the the time to email Your EDM their side of the story. Following the incident, The M Nightclub experienced several IT problems as their website and emails were hacked, and deletion of contacts was being done by an unknown hacker. One of the emails falsely sent from the official M Nightclub email account read:

“Go fuck your mother. U piece of shit.

300 ppl left within 20 minutes of him spinning. A world class DJ should know who’s he’s playing for and adjust accordingly, not spin for himself

Hawaii thinks he sucks and so do you! Fuck off”


Surely not the words of a civilized club, The M Nightclub explained the troubling emails and assured us that a 3rd party IT company is on the case. After addressing the crude emails being falsely sent, the M Nightclub also was happy to explain the reasoning behind Kill Paris’s removal from the stage and provided us with an official statement.¬†Perhaps just a miscommunication between management and artist, the M nightclub was adamant that his musical choice was not the deciding factor behind his removal from the decks.

M Nightclub has predetermined DJ guest spots. We are obliged to honor all guest DJ’s, not just Kill Paris, organize their travel schedules and other commitments according to the scheduled time spots we provide them. Unfortunately, Kill Paris had a set time of 12:30 – 2am. Due to technical difficulty that required Kill Paris return to his hotel room for a specific type of adapter–this pushed his opening set until further in the evening (1:51am), and thereby limiting his set time. The following guest DJ out Miami was scheduled for 2am, and we felt we needed to honor this prior scheduling commitment and had him go on at 2:30 a lil later.

While we understand many of your frustrations, we do want to communicate that the shortened Kill Paris set was not intentional nor malicious. M Nightclub has only respect and admiration for Kill Paris’ fan base and amazing talent.