In a recent Rolling Stone feature, Deadmau5, Steve Aoki and Moby, amongst other artists, shared their wildest and craziest fan stories. From a guy dressed up in a ten foot tree costume in Toronto to a guy lighting up a flare in Glasgow in the middle of a crowd, these stories are pretty nuts. I’m sure you guys have some pretty crazy stories to tell as well, so you should share them with us in the comment section below!


I was at a festival in Glasgow when a guy set off a giant flare right in the middle of the crowd. I looked out, and everyone parted like it was the Red Sea, and there was one guy standing alone with this giant flare burning. After a minute, he threw it towards the front and I said, ‘Oh shit.’ Thankfully no one was hurt.


The first time I played in Toronto, which would’ve been ’90, ’91 or ’92, it was at a late-night rave. A man dressed as a ten-foot tall tree ran on stage and started wrestling with me. And of course, because it’s a rave, there’s no security, and I think people thought it was part of the show, but it was just this man on ecstasy losing his mind, dressed up as a ten-foot tree who kind of tackled me. So there I was literally wrestling in so far as you can wrestle someone dressed up in a ten-foot tree costume at three o’clock in the morning in front of an audience out of their mind at a rave in Toronto.

Steve Aoki

In 2012, on the Deadmeat tour, there was a fan at one of my shows who climbed up on the roof and hung upside down just to get close enough to give me a high five in my DJ booth that was 20 feet above the ground.

Source: Rolling Stone