Into the deep is a weekly series that will focus on the more low key styles of electronic music. With the high paced vibe the EDM scene has been adopting, it’s always good to take a step back and enjoy the more subtle parts of electronic music. The first track up is Permission To Love by Hayden James. This beautiful song makes you feel like your on a beach somewhere in the south pacific, laid back and enjoying the sunset that ends the summer season. Powerful vocals samples combined with a full complimentary beat makes this track the perfect song to drift away too.


The second track is a remix of Rebelski’s Rift Valley, done by Lee Van Dowski.  The strong tech house beat works seamlessly with the progressing synth line and each clap or clave run, fits snuggly into the overall composition. This track is the perfect example of how every little tweak and tune, carries a lot of weight. All though this song is not terribly complex, each part has been refined and perfected to the point it becomes about the overall song, not any 1 feature. Make sure to check out the song below and stay tuned for more beats next week!