Once in a while, we here at Your EDM like to take a step back from the peak time tracks and floor shaking beats to venture down other avenues to find innovative, new sounds and fresh, blank perspectives. Progressive House and Electro are the mainline that connects EDM throughout America and many of its popular cousins, such as Trance and Dubstep, are its vital outlets that connects many different people under one vision. However, there are certainly other genres that exist under the waterworks and although they may not be fit for prime time, they are artistically crafted to further advance the beauty of music. Our flavor of the day is the soothing sounds of True Progressive and the beach side, Summertime vibes that carries with it. A label that has been on point with many high quality Progressive releases has been the fantastic Nueva Digital label whose core integrity have been in tact since day one. And within that label is a relatively unknown Spanish Prog producer who is known as Jon Medina. No type of information can be found on him, but instead, he focuses on letting the music tell his story. With a fantastically majestic remix to Sunlight Project‘s A Sunny Day, his music speaks volumes about his essence in character and spirit with calm, but beautiful melodies.



Starting with a breathtaking breakdown featuring wispy white noise, flowing strings and blissful Progressive off beat chords, Medina keeps the sounds at an exciting, yet reserved pace as he slowly adds in clean percussion and perfectly crisp snare drums. Minimally dropping into the main section with just a simple basskick, the calm and serene nature of the sun seem to glide off ones shoulders as bright blue skies and deep, refreshing air whisk around the listeners ears. Some beautiful chord play is at work here, with heavily emotional moments adding organic meaning to the visions that Medina carries. Doing away with the basskick (and adding in some sly vocal timbres), the additional breakdown emphasizes on the filtered, emerging Progressive chords that seem to be lifted to the forefront by the wonderful foundation of cascading pads. Only changes in repeated drum hits bring forth the second release and hits with a sonic boom that breaks free of its weary shackles and bursts forth with the promise of a brand new day ahead. Rather than utilize stylistic changes for variety, Medina‘s Instrumental Mix is serving as a vast, thick blanket to completely envelop the listener in clear minded bliss and happiness, both shielding those who stand in troubled times and also to offer reprieve to those who require it.

Jon Medina‘s Instrumental Mix of Sunlight Project‘s A Sunny Day is out now on Nueva Digital on Beatport, so make sure you nab this pristine Progressive track today. Make sure to check out Jon Medina and Andrew Cash‘s remixes on the B-Side of this EP, Stars!


Keep the music alive. -Q