While you may expect that being produced by two traditionally Dubstep producers, 12th Planet & Protohype that the Transitions EP would contain mostly Dubstep or something along the lines of Filthy. Well you couldn’t be more right, but wrong at the same time. You may ask why, but it’s actually pretty simple, the moment we stop categorizing producers by the genre of music they make, it takes the shock value away. These guys are Music Producers, and regardless of what they’ve produced in the past, we have to remember that art is a creative outlet. Once you attempt to hinder that, then it ceases to be art. That’s not to say this EP contains any Acid House or Trance or something like that, but it does seem that they’ve given it a unique fix.

Headlining the EP is (my personal favorite) Paper, a seemingly stereotypical Trap tune, “Get that paper” can be heard over some bassline synths blaring out in defiance. On the second time around however, it rapidly changes pace and creates this high speed, heart pumping tune that (as I’m writing this, my legs seem to have a life of their own) absolutely succeeds in both setting the pace for the EP and gets the body ready. Yup, my body was ready. While it’s a bit uncharacteristic to hear, each track begins pretty stereotypical of what’s heard nowadays, however it slowly changes into a unique sound, something familiar yet new. (Jony Ive would be proud).

You can download it here, and listen to the full stream down below! Which track is your favorite? Let us know in the comments.