Beginning in 1990, the Italian enigma that is Gai Barone has been consistently (and silently) evolving up his production chops through pure determination and an open mind to distinct sound possibilities. The sheer quality that emanates from his works has a certain magical quality to it and his brisk, experimental orchestration is timeless in its design. Now focusing on the real nitty gritty of the underground, he is beginning to carve a hypnotizing new sound that has been a pioneering beacon of hope towards True Progressive. His style consists of deep drives and pulsing rhythms, which combines many different sounds and textures towards a living, breathing ecosystem of sound textures. While many other producers work on melodies and basslines as their main focus, Gai instead conjures immense and even crushing musical atmosphere that gives each piece a mesmerizing, bewildering aspect to it. Recently being hailed by artists such as Simon Patterson, Markus Schulz, M.I.K.E. and more, his stellar year continues with a new single entitled Save My Queen. Flowing as a rich, musical journey, its highly complicated orchestration brings an incredibly complex and aurally satisfying venture towards the musical unknown.



Deep is the name of the game on this release as Save My Queen starts with low end, foundationary basslines that elevates a beautiful fluttering synth line which tickles the ears with playful panning and caressing melodies. With a chugging percussion section as the third main instrument, Barone then implements a slew of different sounds through the intricate architecture, which include jungle horns, bird calls, expansive pads, wind chimes, and more sounds that can be discovered with the most concentrated of listenings. An astounding aspect of his productions is the usage of space within the listeners head. Each sound is designed to swirl around the listeners’ skull and fill up every single open space with mists of sounds and colors. The vibe is impeccable and the overall drive stands firm amidst the risky, but innovative sound implementations. The breakdown is vast and cavernous, with the fluttering synth line gently floating underneath the aquatic aural landscape. Organic melodies materialize from nothingness as the unexpected beat wonderfully clashes with the immense and rainswept white noise that glides through. With a myriad of sounds all working together under one mind, it is a true work of art that showcases a deep mastery of Progressive House.

Gai Barone‘s single of Save My Queen will be available this Monday on Afterglow Recordings on Beatport, so make sure you pick up this stunning release soon.


Keep the music alive. -Q