Back in July, Astronaut unveiled their debut EP on Disciple Recordings that was years in the making and now as summer concludes they are back again with their Supernova EP, which they very graciously giving out for free! The EP itself consists of three original tracks and one VIP mix of their record, “Apollo”. The originals of the EP: “Supernova”, “Silver Surfer” and “Elephant March” are three  diverse tunes which despite their inherent differences in sound design and structure, cohesively present Astronaut‘s playful combination of driven complextro and glitch with progressive melodies. The two standout tracks for me have to be “Elephant March” and their VIP Mix of “Apollo”. Stripping the vocals of the original while simultaneously incorporating an ingenious space shuttle launch vocal sample, the VIP mix of “Apollo” emphasizes that true beauty of the original’s instrumental.”Elephant March” on the other hand, is something of a completely different vein. Building with an introduction of light synths and chords, the appeal of “Elephant March” is focused heavily on what happens after the drop; revealing the true inspiration behind the record’s name. Astronaut‘s Supernova EP is quality from front to back so make sure to  stream “Elephant March” below and hop over to Facebook and hear the rest! Enjoy.