Rapidly emerging as a class team of individuals who are intent on producing some flavorful variety towards a stale scene of 2013, the dynamic duo of Dan & Sam have already been making moves to showcase their unique musical perspectives towards the world. Dan & Sam consists of Dan Sieg and Sam Wilkinson and each come from the vast cities of Los Angeles, USA and Sydney, Australia. This separation, while not practical in many collaboration projects, have actually become a strength towards the two’s musical talents. By utilizing different stimuli and influences from these different areas in the world, they actually combine two existing mindsets to bring forth a new and fresh ideology towards their productions. To further that exciting notion, their influences consist of genre defying artists such as Guy J, UMEK, Eric Prydz, Mat Zo, Tube & Berger and Andrew Bayer, and this eclectic group of individuals strive to push the envelope on existing sounds to push this musical generation towards the future. And it seems that Dan & Sam are well on their way to becoming a part of that intimate family of artists with their highly experimental Progressive track entitled An Interesting Dream. Combining many different genres into one cohesive track, it soars over boundaries through a different and mesmerizing musical point of view.



An Interesting Dream starts out with jaw dropping minimalism as a highly percussive bassline purveys simplistic basskicks and off beat wood block synths. This sort of clear cut, bare bones musical structure allows the individual instruments to have a focused and even fierce conversation with each other while maintaining that open ended space that breathes depth and body throughout the work. By slowly adding in impossibly crisp hi-hats, simple tambourine hits, filtered claps and an assortment of odd sounds, it creates a quirky, but intense feel that forces listeners to focus on the music even more, (which is even more apparent when the cementing Deep House and Progressive synths come rolling through). With a female sigh, it pulls down into a beautiful Progressive breakdown in which the apparent synth clipping, (while unwanted in any other production), is actually left on purpose for artistic flair. As emerging Progressive synths cut through the phrase, a cavalcade of mysterious and magical sounds are set free to roam about the soundscape before a basskick snaps the orchestration back into rigid structure. More of a 3 act show than a single piece, it builds its Progressive ideaologies before plunging back into the minimalism with highly unusual female sighs sifting through the phrases. While it is a track that requires multiple listens to get an appreciation to, it is nevertheless a fantastic work of stylistic combinations and is one of the first steps that strives towards the unbeknownst future.

Dan & Sam‘s fantastic new single, An Interesting Dream, will be available through Silk Royal RecordsĀ this Monday on Beatport, so make sure you snag this complex musical project soon. Make sure to check out the awesome eleven.five remix as well!


Keep the music alive. -Q