M4SONIC, is an Australian DJ who has blasted his career of for being a mystery man behind multiple launchpads on youtube. M4SONIC is not like a traditional DJ, he strictly resamples pre-recorded and manipulated sounds through multiple launchpads. If you are unfamiliar with what a launchpad is, it is a midi controller which has a total of 64 pressure sensitive pads that are each programmed with a different sound which enables the user to press and that programmed sound be heard. So traditionally a DJ plays recorded tracks and makes slight adjustments on site in regards to EQ and some effects. For M4SONIC, he is actually, in a sense, performing live, pressing these pads in crazy arrangements to make some really cool on the fly tracks.

For the longest time M4SONIC was just a mystery man on youtube, only able to see his hands work as he makes some pretty amazing melodies with these launchpads. Well Sonic’s popularity has blown up and there is talk of his very first tour! Tour dates listed below!


Below are some videos of his earlier work as well as one on how it all works live. Check it out:

M4SONIC Fall Tour Dates - Your EDM