The man in charge at OWSLA demonstrated that he is indeed back in action with his “Leaving EP,” BBC1 Essential Mix as well as, a dynamic collaboration with Alvin Risk on ‘Try It Out’ and the numerous remixes of it. At HARD Day of The Dead, Sonny continued to show that he’s back and better than ever. He opens with an updated version of his DJ tool premiered in the Essential Mix “This Much Power” and shows the growth and wide variety of influences he’s tapped into. It is also his heaviest and most intense song to date. He then goes on to play some updated and familiar favorites like ‘Kyoto’ and ‘Bangarang’ before launching into some new material that maintains his signature blend of dance hall, dubstep, electro house and trap all mashed up in a hard hitting fashion.

And towards the end of a set filled with unparalleled energy, nasty growls, lasers and ridiculous amounts of wobbles, Skrillex premieres a remix of ‘DJ Ease My Mind’ by Niki & The Dove. This remix is a more melodic dubstep song and upon instructing the crowd to show some lighters proceeds to wow all in attendance with soaring, uplifting vocals combined with deep and heavy bass. An excellent way to wrap up a set that firmly establishes that Skrillex has comeback with a vengeance and unbridled growth in his sound. Be sure to check out all three clips below and let us know what you think! Are you all excited to see Skrillex back in action?